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Let Clients Know Your Erotic Massage Tricks – Start Promoting Now!

Aug 27, 2018

Only an idiot would refuse the idea of getting a hot oil massage at home, with some extra erotic stuff. In recent years, the demand for adult services has only increased, and things has only got better with the internet. If you are someone who provides erotic massage or body rubs, you need to ensure that your clients find you. Of course, you cannot use Google ads easily, because most of the so-called ‘white’ websites wouldn’t accept adult ads. Having a website does help, but then a continuous amount of effort goes in marketing. To ensure that your clients know your services, it is best to rely on advertising platforms.

How to find the right websites?

Not all websites promote secondary erotic services, so check for that. To be more precise, you will find a bunch of sites that are meant to promote full services and escorts, but not many that deal with body rubs or erotic massages. Make sure that the website has a niche or segment for that. You may also want to check if the portal is a known one and how other service providers and masseuses have created the classifieds.

Writing a good classified

“Contact me for erotic massages and more”. This is probably the oldest line that an escort or hot masseuse can write. Being more creative with your ads and adding more photographs will help in getting better exposure. For example, “Young 24-year old waiting to tease you over the weekend. Get a hot oil massage or a body rub. Ready for all outcalls. Call up immediately”. This line doesn’t say much on whether it’s going to be a happy ending or not, but is definitely more expressive. The idea is to create ads that are more enticing and creates an impact. As for your photo, use one that’s real, and if possible, avoid being generic. It is completely okay to avoid your face, as long as the picture is decent.

Finally, make sure that you have a complete profile. What you offer, preferred genders, place of choice and all other relevant details must be mentioned in detail. Most websites require you to have a few details, so that clients can know your services better. Premium ads are also a good idea, provided you don’t spend beyond the budget. With a little effort, more people will start appreciating your erotic massage and related services!

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Bitcoin is the best ally of the sex industry

Aug 21, 2018

One of the strengths of Bitcoin, and that its advocates always highlight, is the privacy it provides. Bitcoin allows you to make purchases anonymously, unlike credit cards, which are linked to a specific name.

As we know, the sex industry is one of the most money moving in the world. However, many of their clients fear for their privacy, as previously some pages have been victims of hackers who have stolen all user data. So, what would happen if the sites of pornography and sexual services accepted Bitcoin?

Sites like already accept it. According to many comments in specialized forums, the couple Bitcoin-porn seems to be the couple of the decade. With Bitcoin, anyone can purchase products or services linked to sex without having to disclose their personal information. In addition, as many people do not have access to bank accounts, much less to credit cards, Bitcoin becomes the best alternative.

How does it work?

Well,, as an example, is associated with BitPay. The user can easily make the payment with bitcoins anonymously, which will never link him to his account. If the person also has a VPN, and uses the incognito mode of navigation (or a secure Tor type browser), he protects his identity much more. But everything starts if you pay with bitcoins, since they can’t link the payment to the person.

Another service associated with the Bitcoin-porn couple is offered by BitPervy. BitPervy pays with bitcoins to those who upload pornographic videos to that website. BitPervy rewards its users based on the revenue generated by the advertising in the video. Also, there are best cam sites that can be accessed with bitcoins. In this way, the user not only protects their identity but the girls themselves hide theirs.

Without a doubt, not only Bitcoin can help the sex industry by allowing those without a credit card access to these services, but the millions of dollars that move in porn would give this cryptocurrency a lot of stability and strength.

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