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How to get your Ex back?

Jun 27, 2019

Your life companion has let you go? You left your companion on a misunderstanding, and you regret? Whatever happened in the matrix, there was a mistake, and you want to fix it: after all, this can not decently end like this!

The flowers of evil

In a break, it is always said that there is often one of them who suffers more than the other. Indeed, when your darling decides to put an end to your relationship, it may even concern you directly, but you have no power of decision. So inevitably, after the silence of the argument, come the questions. Ah, those pesky questions, you know them only too well, do you? Because in addition to leaving you because of one of these girls of easy virtue, he or she was not very clear on his motives or on some of his terms used during this famous scene of rupture (terms that of course did not attract your attention before you find yourself alone (cogitate). “Is it because I’m too jealous?” Or the classic “I’m sure he/she is ashamed of me” Or the famous “Wait…he/she said that I snored?!”. More quickly than one would like, one falls into the paranoia of the last words uttered these last months. Stay calm! Breathe a big blow!

It’s never the fault of a single person, and it’s not by harassing your ex’s questions about what you need to do for him or her to come back that will happen! On the contrary, it will exasperate him more, and he/she could boast of a “Bah you see you should know where you slipped, that’s why it’s over between us.” Who would be deserved? Do not inflict this useless torture even if, admittedly, it is sometimes pleasant and comfortable to be unhappy.

Escape me, and I will follow you

Do not indulge in misfortune and loneliness! After all, you certainly do not want your ex to come back for pity? No ! You are better than that, and you will prove it to him! A break is a perfect time to take care of your appearance more than usual, mainly if you aim to win back the heart of your sweetheart.

First of all, try to keep a cordial contact with your ex, no big tearful tirades or wrathful pamphlets, no! Stay in good terms, without saying too much. And yes, cultivate the mystery! Give him the desire to be interested again and be patient. Show him without doing too much that you make efforts. But beware, it should in no case that these efforts are fictitious, he or she would realize too quickly. If you want him/her to come back, you have to want him to the end and be ready to question himself! Only after that, try an outing or even dinner with your ex. As your relations will have remained most kind: no reason he/she refuses!

This will allow you to re-discuss your situation from a better perspective: yours!

Follow me I’m escaping you


Should we try to get his ex back? “That’s the question!” After all, if the relationship has reached its breaking point, it’s because there were reasons. Be honest with yourself, do you want to start all over again? The arguments for the TV program, on Saturdays at a beautiful mom, to find a transit of cold in the middle of the night, the cover to the absent subscribers. Is not it merely the moment to take stock in your life and to make a last of the way alone? It is still worth thinking about.

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